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Meet the Livewell Dorset Team

The LiveWell Dorset team of trained Wellbeing Advisors and Wellbeing Coaches offer friendly support, advice and mentoring.

The service provides tailored information, guidance and support to help people stop smoking, lose weight, drink less and be more active is free to all Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset residents over the age of 18.

The Wellbeing Coaches can offer free training on a range of topics via personal coaching or a group support workshop.

We are a friendly team, located within the community.  Read more about your local Wellbeing Coach.

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Weight Management Service
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Meet the LiveWell Dorset Team
Service Manager Sarah

Network and Relationship Team Lead: Lydia

I’ve always loved studying health and the human body but fell into the corporate world of investment banking for 7 years before realising my vocation and completing an MSc in Public Health Nutrition. Studying the course confirmed health and nutrition is a true passion of mine and I did pretty well, getting my final project published in a nutrition journal. Becoming a Wellness Coach for Live Well Dorset straight after was a dream opportunity for me to put into practice what I had learnt and actively work in the community to reduce health inequalities and boost wellbeing.

Like everyone I struggle to curb my sugar intake and have to force myself to the gym – but my health is important to me, so I give myself a strong talking to!

Running a marathon under 4 hours would have to be my current proudest achievement – it was tough but made me realise anything is possible!



Wellness Coach Scott

Network and Relationship Coordinator: Scott

My career has revolved around being physically active, it is my biggest passion as I have seen how being active can help people so so many people in many different ways.  The effect it has on your mood and general wellbeing is very impactful. 

I love weight training; I find it a great way to de-stress.  I often find myself at the gym after a day at work, the social benefits as well as keeping myself in shape is a great motivation for me. When not in the gym, my other interests include motorbikes and I am a big animal lover.  My secret weakness is pizza though, I have a strong passion for pizza.

Wellness Coach Lydia

Network and Relationship Coordinator: Tracey

My background is in the finance sector.  For some time now I have had a desire and passion to help people.  Over the past five years I have raised over £10,000 for local charities doing various events, from walking, cycling and even running charity nights.

I am a mum of two , wife, step grandmother to one! Life is hectic and I get spread thinly, ejoying some ‘ME’ time is so important and I try and plan this in when I can.

I love meeting up with friends and family.  Socialising and spending time with the family makes me very happy.

I really enjoy trying to keep fit!  I am a member of my local church and try to support the local community activities wherever possible.

Wellness Engagement Coordinator Anna

Wellness Engagement Coordinator: Anna

What was your career path into LWD?

I graduated from Westminster University in 2013 where I was studying Human Nutrition. Since then I was working as Dietetic assistant at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  In addition I was  part of seasonal workers team and deliver cooking sessions for children and their families.

Why do you like working for LWD?

I always wanted to work for an organisation where I can inspire people and help take them from where they are to where they want to be. My motto is:  “Is never too late to start better and healthier life “and Live Well Dorset is the place where people can start their new journey into better future. The team is brilliant, friendly and supportive and the most important is that the whole team have a common goal - to support as many people as possible and that is what I enjoy the most.

How are you passionate about Wellbeing?

Since I remember I have always had a kind and caring nature and enjoyed making a difference to people’s lives. My passion comes from helping people understand the importance of well-being and a healthy lifestyle in today’s increasingly unhealthy society.

Any interesting facts about yourself you can share?

In my free time I really enjoy socialise with my friends, walking my dog and traveling.

Wellness Coach Julie-Ann

Wellness Coach Team Lead: Julie-Ann

What was your career path into LWD?

Achieving my BSc Social Science degree and Level 5 (ILM) Institute of Leadership and Management qualifications (I am currently studying the ILM 7). Working with Homestart, working with children in a Nursery, working with parents in a Children’s Centre, working as a Youth Support worker in a Hub, supporting army families which led to doing case work as a Family Outreach Worker, managing in retail and with volunteers.

Why do you like working for LWD?

Every client we speak to has the potential to achieve improved health outcomes and it is good to be a part of this.

How are you passionate about Wellbeing?

I understand the relationship between having a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind and body. I seek to look after myself physically and mentally and promote this with clients and friends and family at every opportunity. I pursue the principles of ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ every day.

What else do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Spending quality time with nice people especially my children, grandchildren and my wife, walking, watching films, painting, gardening , weekend breaks and sunny holidays.

Any interesting facts about yourself you can share?

I play the didgeridoo and I have an art studio in my garden.

Wellness Coach: Sharon

My background is in psychology.  This has helped me to develop the right skills, knowledge and experience to help support people to change for the best possible lifestyle that they can. Over the years, I’ve worked with lots of people covering a wide range of topics from lifestyle changes to stress management. I believe that you are the expert in what works for you and your life and it’s my job to work with you to tap into that expertise and help you to start leading a healthier lifestyle. As a parent I know that life can be really hectic, but I believe that if you’re a parent it’s even more important to invest in your own wellbeing in order that you can continue to look after your family too!

I’m a busy working parent, but make sure I still get some ‘me time’ by running, yoga or spinning. I’m a much happier person after exercise.

Wellness Advisor Team Lead Emma

Wellness Advisor Team Lead: Emma

What was your career path into LWD? 

Before joining Live Well I was responsible for adult homelessness services in Somerset which included managing a day centre and an outreach team. Previous to that I was a Health Inclusion Worker.  I love working with people and feel passionate about supporting people on the fringes of our communities to bridge inequalities in health and wellbeing. I have worked in this sector for over ten years now.

Why do you like working for LWD?

Every day is different! I just love the variety in my role.

What else do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love to travel and have some amazing opportunities to combine that with my heart for people who are struggling. I recently mentored a group of young women for a year which ended with a life changing trip to the Philippines where we had the privilege of being involved in a charity that supported young women rescued from trafficking.

Any interesting facts about yourself you can share?

I have three sons and can often be found on the side of a football pitch!

Wellness Advisor Peter

Wellness Advisor: Peter

What was your career path into LWD?

I was previously a manager working within insurance, finance, company flotation’s, worked within large call centres dealing with general campaigns and servicing client needs, and involved with managing up to 80 people to provide the ‘customer service experience’. Most recently, I have been working with young people (18-24) who have learning difficulties, and helping them by tutoring them in back to work skills, English and Mathematics,  and with their NVQ courses to help them get into employment to become responsible with their own life decisions and future aims.

 Why do you like working for LWD?

Small, friendly and very supportive staff atmosphere, not 2 days alike, I’m very people orientated so enjoy talking with a diverse range of client’s and listening to their problems and providing life changing solutions. LWD provides an excellent service to its client’s and I’m pleased that I am part of this team.

 How are you passionate about Wellbeing?

Motivated by helping  and hearing of people’s lifestyle changes, and knowing that I have made a positive contribution to their change of life style and success, and to help them live healthier lives.

 What else do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I am very interested in photography, and specialise in landscapes and long night exposures, and can frequently be seen around Weymouth and the surrounding area’s with my camera equipment photographing interesting scenes.

 Any interesting facts about yourself you can share?

I have travelled extensively around the world and among my adventures I’ve been blessed by an elephant in India, by monks in Thailand, spent time walking in the Grand Canyon, and seen the sunrise come over the Taj Mahal.