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Our Partners

Dorset Community Action is there to support your charity, social enterprise, and community group to best achieve its goals, by helping you make informed decisions.  DCA will also connect you to the people you need to know, and give you the skills and knowledge needed to make your project and organisation a success.

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Natural Choices

People feel low for many reasons but being active in the natural environment has been proven to help improve moods, health and build self-esteem. You may find it difficult to get outdoors, Natural Choices is a local program in place to help you to make these first steps easier. And there is also a good chance you could find new friends.

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LiveWell Dorset works with a number of local and national partners to provide access to services, information and support to help you tackle the things you'd like to change and to ultimately help you to live well. With our partners we'll make it easier for you to understand your health and get healthier.

We've partnered up with the right people, groups and organisations to create the network of resources and support to help you achieve your health goals.

To benefit from any of these services and talk to a Wellbeing Advisor about where to start changing your lifestyle then please call us on freephone 0800 8401628 or local number 01305 233105 or email us at (in the email, please only include your First and Last Name, Phone number, and Email address we may contact you at).

Stop Smoking Service
Move More Service
Weight Management Service
Drink Less Service