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Drink Less

Drink Less

A healthier you at your fingertips

Choose drink free days to cut down on your alcohol intake, save money and feel healthier, download the One You free app today.  Choose your Days Off and get daily reminders, support and practical advice to help you cut down.

Need extra support?

We can provide you with simple advice and support on how to drink less. We will work with you to set goals and provide handy hints and tips as well as regular support to make sure you are achieving them.

Call our Wellbeing Advisor to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle; freephone  0800 8401628 or local number 01305 233105.

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Reducing Your Alcohol Intake

Experts recommend men and women drink no more than fourteen units a week — and that we all have two alcohol-free nights a week.

To cut back, keep a "drink diary", work out a limit and stick to it, choose lower strength drinks and use smaller glasses at home.

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When Drinking Becomes a Problem

Most people can enjoy the occasional drink without harm, but for some drinking can become a problem and they need to take action.

Reduce the amount you drink if you suffer memory loss or injuries after drinking, and feel guilty or get angry if people comment on it.

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