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Move More

Move More

Start moving more

If you would like to benefit from being more physically active and don’t know where to start or what to do, then we can help you.  We can seek out opportunities to help increase your activity levels. We can assess your activity levels and provide you with information about local opportunities like walking groups or exercise on referral schemes. Depending on how inactive you are our Wellness Coaches can work with you to start setting some small goals and working towards achieving the recommended levels of activity - there is something for everyone!

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People feel low for many reasons but being active in the natural environment has been proven to help improve moods, health and build self-esteem. Many people find it difficult to get outdoors, Natural Choices is a local program in place to make these first steps easier. And there is also a good chance you could find new friends.

Natural Choices offers individuals in the Weymouth and Portland area the opportunity to take part in a range of gentle exercise outdoors with support and guidance all set in natural outdoor environments.  Want to Find out more about Natural Choices and the activities that take place?
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Move More Service
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Stop smoking

Drink less

Manage your weight

To benefit from any of these services and talk to a Wellbeing Advisor about where to start changing your lifestyle then please call us on freephone 0800 8401628 or local number 01305 233105.

Get Active

Regular exercise can help to reduce your risk of a heart attack, lower your risk of long-term diseases and improve posture and mobility.  It can also improve your appearance, help depression, boost your immune system, help you sleep better and keep you more mentally alert.  Try to build exercise into your daily life — take the stairs instead of the lift, do housework or gardening, and go for weekend walks.

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10 Tips for Getting Fit When You Don't have Time

With a hectic work and home life, it's easy to feel like we don't have the time or energy to exercise. In fact, exercise can improve a busy life — it raises your energy levels, relieves stress, lifts your mood and helps keep you healthy. It's much easier to fit exercise into a busy day than you may think — pick something you enjoy and start with just a few minutes a day.

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